​​Empowering our youth to live safe, drug and alcohol free lives through family and community partnership.

S I G N S   A N D   S Y M P T O M S

 O F   D R U G   O R   A L C O H O L   U S E

​Listed below are some possible signs that your teen may be using alcohol or other drugs. As a parent or caregiver, you know your child best. Follow your gut instinct and don't wait if you suspect there may be a problem. Visit our community resource page to see local resources available. Your child's school also is a great resource as they have counselors on staff to help students.  


  • Unexplained extreme mood swings
  • Changes in dress or appearance


  • Ignores curfews and other house rules
  • Withdraws from family activities


  • Sometimes grades are affected, but not always, especially in early stages of use
  • Fails to complete work on time
  • Misses excessive time from school
  • Sleeps in class


  • Loses interests in hobbies
  • Sometimes changes in friendships occur
  • Becomes secretive


  • Steals money or objects from family and friends
  • No tangible evidence of how money is being spent


  • Runs away from home
  • Increased involvement with police